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Our Service Professionals Specialize in the Installation and Service of Bathroom Fans in San Diego, Coronado, and the Greater San Diego Area

Why a New or Replacement Fan with San Diego Bath Fan?

San Diego Bath Fan Vs. The Other Guys

While we have nothing but love for our fellow tradesmen and women, like any job, why not call the guys who specialize? Why call the HVAC guys to run the ducting, call the electrician to wire it, and then call your handyman to repair drywall/plaster and match paint? Furthermore, many installations require exterior penetration and all require electrical work and both should be performed by fully licensed and insured professionals you can hold accountable. We do it all. From consultation to the finished product, you can rest assured that your investment is in good hands. 

Elimination of Embarrassing Odors

Of course we've all been there; it's natural. Let San Diego Bath Fan help send what's natural out into nature where it belongs!!!

We Sell A Complete Job

We don't quote low to get the job and then hit you with extras you thought would be part of the job. Seriously, some companies will charge you extra just to haul away your old fan!! We quote you the true cost of a complete job: from the electrical to the drywall/plaster repair, paint, and cleanup and yes, we will haul away your old fan for no additional cost

Custom Installation for Any Application

Have a unique situation? Need one bathroom vent fan for multiple bathrooms? No problem. Unique moisture problems that require unique solutions? We have experience with just about any bathroom vent fan configuration. If you have a unique bathroom ventilation problem give us a call or click below and we'll get you situated.  

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